Tom Zimmerman, inventor


An artistic project with a social drive, dedicated to Climate Emergency, structured in six installations presented over the course of a year, in which art, design and new technologies will dialogue to create a true immersive and synaesthetic experience and hopefully a change of perspective.

First appointment

19th January - 21st March 2021

Il Vicolo Art Gallery
Via Maroncelli 2

Art Installation 
Artistic Direction by The Curators Milan (Frankie Caradonna, Stefano Gagliardi, Lucia Emanuela Curzi, Tomaso Cariboni, Dario Spinelli)
Hologram by THE CURATORS MILAN + 3D artist Pier Paolo Mantuano.
Sculpture "Arrow" by Ludovico Bomben.
Soundscape by Morellicostantini
Partner Univerista’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Visual Identity and Exhibition Graphic by Matteo Alabiso

The current global situation represents the necessary stimulus that led us to seek and involve a network of professionals (artists, researchers, scholars, designers) and ordinary people, to give life to an initiative related to the actuality of the pandemic, sustainability, environment, rewilding.

Despite present and future lockdowns, The Curators Milan began this adventure with PROLOGUE: DIATOMS IN THE MULTIVERSE, which can now be experienced by the public.

PROLOGUE is the first of six events and presents a multi-sensory and immersive installation that tells the story of diatoms - single-celled organisms responsible for 50% of all the oxygen needed for the biochemical balance of the planet - by making an iron sculpture by artist Ludovico Bomben interact with a hologram, a 3D digital sculpture.

REWILD borrows its name from the concept of rewilding, a term that appeared in the 1990s in reference to the protection and reintroduction of predators and native plants, the creation of no fishing zones, and in general to all those processes and projects aimed at the conservation and restoration of original ecosystems and at combating the loss of biodiversity.

REWILD is in fact a holistic and collaborative format, which has the ambition of producing a renewed energy, encouraging the genesis of an artistic and social movement based on the inevitable search for a new balance.

The project will be exhibited at the Galleria d'Arte il Vicolo in Milan, which will be transformed into a TAAZ (Temporary Autonomous Artistic Zone),and  in which the artists involved will be called upon to create together an experience that is both a physical installation - in the sense of an exhibition of artistic artefacts - and movement - in the sense of collective and multi-sensory thinking that reflects on the concept of empathy.

"Hold your breath: here is the world without diatoms. With Rewild we bring to Milan not only a new dialogue between sculptural and digital arts that reflects on the role of empathy, but a movement that breaks the anthropocentric vision of the Universe", explain The CURATORS MILAN.