The Curators Milan

THE CURATORS MILAN is an international collective of artists and creatives who, moved by resilience have conceived REWILD, a poly-versatile art project, driven by a social instinct and non-profit making, that wants to investigate the role of empathy and its connection to issues related to Climate Emergency using art, storytelling and new technologies. 

At a time in history in which the pandemic and its health, moral, social and economic consequences are dominating the stage and communication globally, this project  wants to be one of the driving-forces for social and cultural resilience. REWILD takes its name from the concept of rewilding, a term that appeared in the 90s in reference to the protection and reintroduction of predators and native plants, creation of no fishing zones, and in general to all those processes and projects aimed at the conservation and restoration of original ecosystems and the fight against biodiversity loss.

The communicative urge to reflect on the unpredictable consequences of Climate Emergency unites the artists, creatives and designers alike, giving life not to a series of exhibitions of different languages that dialogue with each other but to a holistic and choral work, which aims to break down the sense of the individual artist and compose instead a single harmony, an organic movement, a shared intuition.

The Curators Milan, founded by Lucia Emanuela Curzi, Frankie Caradonna and Stefano Gagliardi, through their artistic direction that leans on scientific data and relationships with researchers, artists, scholars and activists, creates the prototype of a new formula of fluid collaboration, where the future of technology embraces the past of traditional arts, where the ego of the individual is sublimated by the intention of the collective and where through art and design the installations challenge the physical limits of the techniques used, merging them into a synthesis, a vision, an awareness, something we like to call Magic Realism.

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