The Curators Milan

THE CURATORS MILAN is a collective of creatives who, driven by resilience, empathy and the desire for a different future, created REWILD, a non-profit art project that investigates the role of storytelling & empathy in issues related to Climate Emergency, using art and new technologies.

At a time in history in which the pandemic and its health, moral, social and economic consequences are dominating the stage and communication globally, this project  wants to be one of the driving-forces for social and cultural resilience. REWILD takes its name from the concept of rewilding, a term that appeared in the 90s in reference to the protection and reintroduction of predators and native plants, creation of no fishing zones, and in general to all those processes and projects aimed at the conservation and restoration of original ecosystems and the fight against biodiversity loss.


— The Curators Milan           

Frankie Caradonna       Founder, Artistic Director

Stefano Gagliardi         Founder, Artistic Director

Lucia Emanuela Curzi  Founder, Artistic Director    

Tomaso Cariboni          Executive Content Editor    
Dario Spinelli        Associate Creative Tech Director               

Partner Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan

Collabs: Designer & Art Director MATTEO ALABISO, 3D Artist PIERPAOLO MANTUANO, Music & Sound Artists/Producers LUCA MORELLI & ANDREACOSTANTINI, Film Productions OVERCLOCK CREW, GRETA GASPARINI at CREATIVE LAB FÉM, Photographer MARCO MAZZA, Multimedia Service ITALVIDEO,  Set-ups GEMA, Serigraphy Lab MURALESTREMO